Guide to the Second Global Mission

The second Global Mission is upon us! Together, we must capture or defeat one million Pokemon using the Island Scan feature. This mission goes from 4:00 December 27, 2016 to 23:59 January 9, 2017 UTC. Each participant will be awarded 2,017 Festival Coins if the goal is reached or 217 Festival Coins if the mission is failed. This amount is doubled to 4,034 and 434 respectively for participants who have connected their games to Pokemon Global Link.

Global Missions
How to Participate

After you have reached the first Pokemon Center in the game, you can access Festival Plaza where Global Missions are hosted. Go inside the castle and speak to the woman on the right to learn about the Global Mission. Remember to come back when the Global Mission is ending to update your contribution to the mission.

Linking your game to Pokemon Global Link
Game Sync

To get the double Festival Coins, you must sync your game to Pokemon Global Link. First, make sure your 3DS device is connected to the internet. Use the PC inside the Festival Plaza Castle to create a Game Sync ID. If you forget your Game Sync ID, you can always come back to the PC to check your ID.

Next, grab a computer and go to the Global Link website. Select the appropriate region for your game. On the left side of the following page, you have the option to create a Pokemon Trainer Club account or log in if you already have one. After creating a Trainer Club account, go back to this page to log in. You will be prompted to enter your Game Sync ID. To link an additional game to the Trainer Club account, go to menu on the top right and select "Account Settings". There will be an option to register an additional game at the bottom of the page.

Island Scan
QR Scanner

This mission requires us to use the Island Scan feature. Go to the QR scanner and scan QR codes to unlock island scan. The first time you use the scanner, you can scan 10 QR codes using the camera on the back of your 3DS. Afterwards, it gains enough energy to scan a new QR code every 2 hours and can store energy for up to 10 scans. Most QR codes give 10 points and once you have accumulated 100 points you can use an island scan by pressing X and then holding R. You have one hour to go to the location from the scan and capture or defeat the rare Pokemon. Make sure you don't accidentally cause it to faint if you are looking to capture it since you only get to encounter it once!

There are also special QR codes which give 20 points rather than 10 points. This means you can use island scan after 10 hours instead of 20 hours by scanning these codes. The Pokemon Company released 5 of these codes for this event which we have provided below:

QR Codes